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Digest while you Digest: Becoming a Dragon Lady and a Little B

Hello friends. Happy 2016 and Year of the Monkey.

Sorry for being out of action for a bit but I have a really good excuse ….I had a baby!

That’s right, our little bundle of trouble, B came into the world like a proper American, right in time for Thanksgiving lunch.

Here she is…

B |

I would have warned you of my impeding absence but pregnancy quickly morphed me into a miserable, brain dead, water retaining dragon lady with absolutely zippo appetite. I became a culinary recluse that lived on fried egg sandwiches, very tiny lattes (sad face), and Pb&J, if I was feeling fancy.

Now that B is about three months, I am ready to re-enter the food blogosphere with recipes squeezed in between naps and nappy changes.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already sorted out Valentine’s Day dinner, check out my Pan-fried Duck with Massaman Curry Sauce featured on

Glad to be back.


“The people who give you their food give you their heart.” — Cesar Chavez


Digress while you Digest: Escaping the Beast from the East

Can you feel the heat? Also I learned there is no graceful way to get in or out of a hammock. Truth.Hammock in Goa |

The middle of London winter can be pretty bleak. Yeah it’s wet, it’s cold, your delayed train is now CANCELLED and then a stranger coughs into your hair. 

Oh, the majesty of winter.


To top things off there is now a 4000 mile wide Siberian cold air flow hovering over the UK, which has been dubbed ‘The Beast from the East.’ The Beast from the East? Sounds like a character from the new Magic Mike Movie.

Just saying.

With the release 2015’s hottest movie some time away, I have to rely on other ways to keep warm this winter. This includes a second layer of tights, wool socks, and the distant memory of lying on a beach in India.

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Digress While You Digest: Body Snatchers, Mordor & The City by the Bay


Stanley Park |

G and I try to go back to the States once year. You know, see the fams/friends, get some proper Mexican food ..and let’s face it, America knows how to donut.

This year’s trip started a little North of the border in the very tidy city of Vancouver.

Man, Canada is filled with nice people. Like the textbook/gold star kind of nice-ity nice type people. Perhaps it’s the clean air, mountains, or socialized healthcare? Just look at Stanley Park.

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Digress While You Digest: Confession & Calais

Calais Lights |Thaimeupkitchen.comCar park lights

At this juncture in our blog relationship, I feel I should confess that I am a history nerd. That’s right. History Nerd. I raise my right hand and come clean about the fact that I become a deer in headlights if there is a castle/museum/ruins or a historically important hairpin within the nearby vicinity. Oh man,

So deep is my nerdom, I even read a book once about the history of salt. Yup, just salt.

Whew, with that out of the way and you are still reading. Let’s talk about Calais.

Calais was once considered the brightest jewel in the English Crown and Mary I was to have said When I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais lying in my heart.’ I find these descriptions of Calais funny as the city is now a maze of wine warehouses, supermarkets and been coined the ugliest city in France by friends and Tripadvisor.

While G was lost in wine bottle heaven, I was left to my own devices among the warehouse wastelands and supermarket aisles. There, I tried to find a bit of sparkle left in the old jewel.

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