Digress While You Digest: Body Snatchers, Mordor & The City by the Bay


Stanley Park | ThaiMeUpKitchen.com

G and I try to go back to the States once year. You know, see the fams/friends, get some proper Mexican food ..and let’s face it, America knows how to donut.

This year’s trip started a little North of the border in the very tidy city of Vancouver.

Man, Canada is filled with nice people. Like the textbook/gold star kind of nice-ity nice type people. Perhaps it’s the clean air, mountains, or socialized healthcare? Just look at Stanley Park.

Stanley Park | ThaiMeUpKitchen.com

Stanley Park | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comTotem poles in Stanley Park

Japadog | Thaimeupkitchen.comStopped for lunch at Japadog: topped with Teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed

Stanley Park | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comEven the signage is nice

Whatever it may be, you can totally get why everyone loves Canadians.

The lovely, considerate, poutine loving people who make up this country are so nice that me and G (two hard-nosed Londoners) cannot believe they are real and suspect there has to be a body snatchers situation going on here.

A situation for which I am totally ready for, btw. Ok, too much Walking Dead.

Fortunately, it was a negative on the body snatchers situation and we can only conclude that the Canadians are just the very definition of nice…and there is something definitely wrong with us. This cold hard realization had to be washed away with beer and poutine (topped with pulled pork) from Steamworks.

Steamworks Vancouver |Thaimeupkitchen.comSteamworks Vancouver |Thaimeupkitchen.com













After two days in Vancouver we headed stateside to Seattle. To Seattle, where it rained, and rained, and rained some more.

Seattle | Thaimeupkitchen.comOne thing taller than G…The Space Needle

The weather was so miserable, it was kinda funny. So funny that in the morning darkness, G took my hand and in his deepest voice said, ’Come Frodo, let us cross into Mordor together. ’ if I hadn’t already been soaked to the bone I would have probably wet myself.

But Seattle is full of great places to take refuge; like the brilliant Chihuly garden and glass, where my mind was actually blown (sorry,  no pun intended),  The Crumpet Shop,  Lowell’s and the fantastic Mezcaleria where Caesar and Ulises took such good care of us we went back on our last night. Seriously, the food was so good we almost forgot about the rain.

Seattle | Thaimeupkitchen.comChihuly Garden and Glass

Mezcaleria SeattleMezcaleria

Lowell's Seattle | Thaimeupkitchen.comLowell’s dungeness crab eggs benedict

Then it was time to end sunlight purgatory and fly home back to the Bay Area.

Home was gloriously sunny, carelessly calorific, and better than I remember.

First, and most importantly, the Giants won the World Series, again! Spending a week screaming ‘Come on Bumgarner!’ actually paid off. Then we snuck in two days of Napa Valley wine tasting; my favourites were the beautiful Chateau Montelena and Castillo de Amoroso. Gorged on fried chicken at Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc, oysters and clam chowder bowls from Boudins, ice cream from Fentons, then tried to walk it off with some good old outlet shopping, but donuts appeared and a net weight gain of 3 lbs happened between us.

Boudins | Thaimeupkitchen.comOysters at Boudin’s

Chateau Montelena | Thaimeupkitchen.comChateau Montelena

Castillo de Amoroso | Thaimeupkitchen.comCastello Di Amorosa (Yup, that’s a gargoyle in Napa)


 My downfall

 Thank you America. I will be returning home soon.




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