Digress while you Digest: Escaping the Beast from the East

Can you feel the heat? Also I learned there is no graceful way to get in or out of a hammock. Truth.Hammock in Goa |ThaiMeUpKitchen.com

The middle of London winter can be pretty bleak. Yeah it’s wet, it’s cold, your delayed train is now CANCELLED and then a stranger coughs into your hair. 

Oh, the majesty of winter.


To top things off there is now a 4000 mile wide Siberian cold air flow hovering over the UK, which has been dubbed ‘The Beast from the East.’ The Beast from the East? Sounds like a character from the new Magic Mike Movie.

Just saying.

With the release 2015’s hottest movie some time away, I have to rely on other ways to keep warm this winter. This includes a second layer of tights, wool socks, and the distant memory of lying on a beach in India.

Cows hang out where they like because they know, you know, they’re holy
Goan Cow | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comBeach Beauties

Agondan Beach Beauties | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comLovely little church in Agonda, Goa

Little church, Agonda  | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comAgonda High street and one cheeky Thai  in the background

Agonda High Street | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comGorgeous serving dishes waiting to be used for a party

Serving dishes  | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comCorridor of doors at Chowmahalla Palace

corridor iof doors | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comChaminar in Hyderabadi traffic jam

Chaminar in Hyderabadi traffic jam | Thaimeupkitchen.com

I know posting pictures of India may do little to keep the chill off but I am here for you, my frosty friends.

A little visual escapism, should get your temp right up.

You’re welcome.  😉

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