Curried Cauliflower and Potato Soup


Curried Cauliflower and Potato Soup |

I am physical incapable of making the right amount of mashed potatoes. I always make too much. Never too little cause, well… I’m a feeder.

So there is always a cold mound of mash left in the fridge, that I. Just. Cannot. Throw. Away.

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Digress While You Digest: Body Snatchers, Mordor & The City by the Bay


Stanley Park |

G and I try to go back to the States once year. You know, see the fams/friends, get some proper Mexican food ..and let’s face it, America knows how to donut.

This year’s trip started a little North of the border in the very tidy city of Vancouver.

Man, Canada is filled with nice people. Like the textbook/gold star kind of nice-ity nice type people. Perhaps it’s the clean air, mountains, or socialized healthcare? Just look at Stanley Park.

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Roasted Butternut Squash & Bean Mash

Roasted Butternut squash & Bean Mash | ThaiMeUpKitchen.comEven after living here for ages now, I just cannot make it through this time of year without serious pangs of homesickness.

I don’t know what sets it off. Maybe it’s the change in weather (two pairs of tights weather), hearing the NFL theme song, or the official smell of fall – the Starbucks PSL – wafting through Wimbledon station. It all makes me want to get off this island and return the good old US of A.

And missing Thanksgiving is the worst of all.

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Warm Lentil Superfood Salad

Warm Lentil Superfood Salad |

About 5 weeks ago, I sprained my ankle pretty bloody badly. Playing the violent game of tennis, no doubt. My self-inflicted injury earned me an emergency room visit, x-ray, crutches, and a mobility boot. Hell, even zombie eyed London commuters were purposely making eye contact to signal I could have their seat.

Nobody makes direct eye contact on London public transport. Ever.

Now, what does this have to do with warm lentil superfood salad?
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Spicy Thai Gazpacho

Spicy Thai Gazpacho |

Everyone has a talent.

My friend Laura is a hard core Chelsea FC fan. I once watched her school a Liverpool fan so bad that he limped off like she had kicked his puppy. Hard.

Rebecca is the world’s best story teller. The everyday mundane becomes side splitting madness with her rendition of events. Do you know how to fend off a gorilla/panther/bigfoot? Rebecca does.

G loves to grow stuff we can eat and a lot of it. Did you know that if you eat enough tomatoes you can smell it coming out of your skin?

I like to call it: Eau de Tomate.

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Goats’ Cheese stuffed Japalenos topped with Fig & Bacon


Goats' cheese stuffed Jalapenos, topped tihe fig and bacon |

G loves to take the piss out of (make fun of) my American love, ok, obsession with fried food, fried food stuffed with cheese and fried food topped with even more cheese.

He just doesn’t get it and he never will. But like I said before, it’s the beard that saves him.

It is no coincidence that as I typed up this post, I misspelled fried with friend every time. This can’t be just a Freudian typo. Friend or fried, fried or friend – they are equally important in my book. They both feed the soul. Though seriously, is there any greater pleasure than sharing a plate of cheese fries with your bestie?

I didn’t think so.  

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Thai Basil Pesto Potatoes

Thai basil pesto potatoes | Thaimeupkitchen.comBritish summer is in full swing and that means the disposable BBQs are out, music festivals, brimming beer gardens, avoiding sporadic showers, and people complaining that it’s too hot.



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Panko-Crusted Trout Fish Cakes with Easy Sweet Chilli Mayo

Panko Crusted Trout Fish Cakes |

You know that game when your friends describe you in three words? I never get described as nice. Like ever. Just for once I would like to get nice. I envy nice people.

My envy, I guess, makes me not so nice.


Ok, fine. I’ll never be nice. But you can also bet that I’ll never be described as a fussy or, as they say here, a finickity eater. Finickity. I love that word.

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Gin, Ginger Beer and Elderflower Fizz


Gin, Ginger Beer and Elderflower Fizz|

The pastime of sitting in the garden and bathing in sunshine was the most alien idea to me when I first arrived in London. Being Californian meant you never had to make an occasion of ‘nice’ weather,  you BBQ in the winter, walk on the shady side of the street, and the words ‘no air-conditioning’ is a deal breaker.

In the beginning, I scoffed at this curious habit. I scoffed even more at the blasphemous disposable BBQ, and I continued on my sun avoiding ways. After a year, I went home for a visit. My best friends picked me up from SFO and, before any hugs or pleasantries were exchanged, Frances blurted out, “DUDE, YOU’RE SO PALE!”

I searched the face of Anna, my other — more discreet – friend, who nodded in agreement and hugged me.

Me, pale? I thought. I looked like everyone else in London. Oh, no wait…

Digress While You Digest: Confession & Calais

Calais Lights |Thaimeupkitchen.comCar park lights

At this juncture in our blog relationship, I feel I should confess that I am a history nerd. That’s right. History Nerd. I raise my right hand and come clean about the fact that I become a deer in headlights if there is a castle/museum/ruins or a historically important hairpin within the nearby vicinity. Oh man,

So deep is my nerdom, I even read a book once about the history of salt. Yup, just salt.

Whew, with that out of the way and you are still reading. Let’s talk about Calais.

Calais was once considered the brightest jewel in the English Crown and Mary I was to have said When I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais lying in my heart.’ I find these descriptions of Calais funny as the city is now a maze of wine warehouses, supermarkets and been coined the ugliest city in France by friends and Tripadvisor.

While G was lost in wine bottle heaven, I was left to my own devices among the warehouse wastelands and supermarket aisles. There, I tried to find a bit of sparkle left in the old jewel.

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