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Gin, Ginger Beer and Elderflower Fizz


Gin, Ginger Beer and Elderflower Fizz| Thaimeupkitchen.com

The pastime of sitting in the garden and bathing in sunshine was the most alien idea to me when I first arrived in London. Being Californian meant you never had to make an occasion of ‘nice’ weather,  you BBQ in the winter, walk on the shady side of the street, and the words ‘no air-conditioning’ is a deal breaker.

In the beginning, I scoffed at this curious habit. I scoffed even more at the blasphemous disposable BBQ, and I continued on my sun avoiding ways. After a year, I went home for a visit. My best friends picked me up from SFO and, before any hugs or pleasantries were exchanged, Frances blurted out, “DUDE, YOU’RE SO PALE!”

I searched the face of Anna, my other — more discreet – friend, who nodded in agreement and hugged me.

Me, pale? I thought. I looked like everyone else in London. Oh, no wait…