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Goats’ Cheese stuffed Japalenos topped with Fig & Bacon


Goats' cheese stuffed Jalapenos, topped tihe fig and bacon | Thaimeupkitchen.com

G loves to take the piss out of (make fun of) my American love, ok, obsession with fried food, fried food stuffed with cheese and fried food topped with even more cheese.

He just doesn’t get it and he never will. But like I said before, it’s the beard that saves him.

It is no coincidence that as I typed up this post, I misspelled fried with friend every time. This can’t be just a Freudian typo. Friend or fried, fried or friend – they are equally important in my book. They both feed the soul. Though seriously, is there any greater pleasure than sharing a plate of cheese fries with your bestie?

I didn’t think so.  

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