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Digress While You Digest: Confession & Calais

Calais Lights |Thaimeupkitchen.comCar park lights

At this juncture in our blog relationship, I feel I should confess that I am a history nerd. That’s right. History Nerd. I raise my right hand and come clean about the fact that I become a deer in headlights if there is a castle/museum/ruins or a historically important hairpin within the nearby vicinity. Oh man, I.am.on.it.

So deep is my nerdom, I even read a book once about the history of salt. Yup, just salt.

Whew, with that out of the way and you are still reading. Let’s talk about Calais.

Calais was once considered the brightest jewel in the English Crown and Mary I was to have said When I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais lying in my heart.’ I find these descriptions of Calais funny as the city is now a maze of wine warehouses, supermarkets and been coined the ugliest city in France by friends and Tripadvisor.

While G was lost in wine bottle heaven, I was left to my own devices among the warehouse wastelands and supermarket aisles. There, I tried to find a bit of sparkle left in the old jewel.

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